The Training Department uses the following key activities as part of imparting world-class training to our students.

  • Shop Floor visits - extensive hands-on sessions on the various levels of infrastructure available within PSG College of Technology and PSG Industrial Institute. This includes interaction with real-life production operators and shop managers.

  • External Industry visits - the knowledge acquired within the confines of PSG Industrial Institute is embellished with periodic visits organized to external industries, whereby students get an opportunity to see other industries at work.

  • Supplementary assignments provided to students in areas that relate to, but are not directly in their curriculum - E.g. Electrical & Electronics Engineering students are asked to make a dissertation on Types of Industrial lighting.

  • Periodic playback and evaluation sessions - a combined panel of Departmental Faculty and Training personnel grill the students on the knowledge they have acquired from the Training sessions. This knowledge is built into a Training Portal in the form of re-usable Frequently Asked Questions and a knowledge repository that grows over time.

  • Celebration of Training events - mock seminars, panel discussions, entrepreneurship interviews (E.g. students play the roles of a Bank officer sanctioning a loan and a budding entrepreneur).