1. The college lays great emphasis on decent behavior from every student.

2. Students should wear their College iD cards when they are inside the campus. students without valid College ID cards will not be permitted to enter the campus.

3. Students should attend classes, functions and the other activities of the college in time.

4. Students should not posses and use any type of cell phones inside the college campus.

5. Dressing of students of Psg College of Technology and senior students of Polytechnic College should be formal. Boys should wear formal shirts and full pants. girls should wear salwar kameez / chudidhar with dhupatta / saree. The first year students of Psg Polytechnic College should wear the prescribed uniform.

6. In the intervals or during the unexpected absence of the teacher concerned, students should remain silent in the class rooms.

7. Scribbling on the walls and desks or doing any other kind of damage to the college property is strictly prohibited. students responsible for any such wanton damage will be severely punished.

8. Students should not throw waste papers,chocolate covers etc on the veranda, stair case etc.They should keep the College & Hostel Campus neat and clean.

9. Students should not loiter in the verandas, sit on the steps of the portico and staircases.

10. Students are forbidden from smoking inside the college premises.

11. Students who are found using drugs or in a drunken state will be summarily dismissed from the college.

12.Ill-treatment of fresh students in the name of ragging is strictly prohibited. Students found guilty of this crime will be dismissed from the college.

13. Hostellers are prohibited from maintaining powered vehicles. Day scholars using powered two wheelers should wear helmets, failing which they will not be permitted to park their vehicles in the College parking area.

14. Students should refrain from participation in party and communal politics.

15. Students are expected to look at the notice board every day.

16. Students should park their vehicles in the space meant for parking.

17. For organising functions, conferences, meetings or any gathering of this kind, students should get the prior permission of the Principal.

18. The Principal has the absolute right to penalise or suspend or dismiss any student found guilty of gross misconduct inside or outside the college campus.