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   Our Principal's Message:

      I am happy to know that National Cadet Corps at PSG College of    Technology is launching its official website on its 60th Anniversary on     14 th March 2011.

        NCC is an Organization engaged in conducting constructive activities for all the cadets under its fold. Students who have undergone training at the NCC have self discipline, hardwork, leadership qualities and good value system. NCC also helps in shaping them in to dynamic and responsible citizens of India. I am confident that NCC at PSG Tech would continue to be a platform for grooming tomorrow's citizens and leaders, and help in "Nation Building".

        On this occasion, I extend my heartiest congratulations to all Officers and Cadets of the National Cadet Corps at PSG College of Technology and I am sure that they will do us proud.


            PSG College of Technology consist of Five wings of NCC

                                   2(TN) Composite(Technical)Company  -  76 Cadets
                                     (1/2 Engineers Platoon NCC)

                                   5(TN) Air Squadron(Technical) NCC   -  40 Cadets

                                   4(TN) BN NCC (Infantry Wing)           -  50 Cadets
                                   5(TN) Girls BN NCC                            -  52 Cadets
                                   1/4 (TN) BN NCC                                 -  60 Cadets

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