The furniture assigned to a room shall not be shifted from it. Residents shall be responsible for the articles issued to them and shall return them in proper condition to the hostel authorities when leaving / vacating the hostel. Residents shall be responsible for due compensation in case of any loss or damage to those articles.

Residents should keep their room tidy and clean.

They shall not disposed off litter in the verandahs or other parts of hostel premises.

Civil complaints and electrical complaints of the rooms and blocks shall be entered separately in the register kept at the entrance of blocks. Also they shall register their complaints online through block superiors

Residents should put off the electrical appliances while leaving the room.

Residents shall lock their rooms with a strong good quality lock at all times for the protection of their property and that of their roommates, while no one is in the room. Residents are informed to lock their rooms even if they are not available for a few seconds.

Violation of the rules and regulations of the hostel will lead to expulsion from the Hostel.