Residents are permitted to go home / local guardians place 1st and 3rd week end of every month. In case of important work, Residents shall be permitted to go home / local guardians place after a permission letter received from residents parents through post / courier. The Permission letter should be addressed to warden and received three days in advance to the departure of the residents. In case of urgent work, residents shall go home after obtaining permission from Warden / Dy. Warden / Resident Tutors.

Residents should register their attendance in the register kept at avinashi road main gate. whenever they cross the gate.

College ID card is used for bio metric attendance system. In case of missing / lost the duplicate card may be provided based on the request and charged (as per norms) in the academic section
within a day.


At the time of admission to the hostel, parents are requested to give details (Both father and mother) of their phone/mobile numbers in the hostel application form without fail. They are also informed to make phone calls to the hostel only from their phone / mobile numbers given at the time of admission for all communications. A caller ID system is maintained to ensure that there is no misuse by the residents

Change of parent's phone numbers should be informed to the hostel office by the parents through the request letter sent from their residential address and phone call from any one of their contact numbers given at the time of admission. In case of any discrepancy, parents should come in person to the hostel