All the Residents should return to the hostel on the date of reopening of the college.

No person other than those admitted as residents of the hostel shall stay in the hostel premises. Anyone who permit outsiders on their room without permission will be expelled from hostel.

A student shall not occupy a room without allotment.

Resident shall neither transfer nor exchange their rooms with other resident.

Residents shall not sleep in other's rooms.

Residents are informed to keep minimum money and low cost items to avoid theft.

The hostel authorities cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of the belongings of the residents. The
residents must make their own arrangements for safe custody of the same.

Day Scholars are not permitted inside the Hostel.

Action will be taken against the residents who encourage and permit the day scholar to stay in their room.

Every student admitted to the hostel will be issued a Hostel Identity Card. Students are advised to keep the
Identity Card safe in their possession.

The hostel ID must be shown for verification whenever security guard / other officials of the hostel ask the same.

Do not keep costly and valuable materials inside the hostel.

Residents are expected to be dressed decently.

After final examination / viva voce, residents should leave the hostel immediately. Residents who leave for
winter / summer vacation should apply mess reduction failing which mess reduction will not be considered.

Resident are not allowed to do any kind of business inside the hostel.

Residents should keep their room allotment slip safely

Residents should use road over bridge only to go to College and come back to hostel.

Residents should register their computers / other electrical appliances when they bring inside the hostel every year.

Computers should be used only for academic purpose. If found they are being used for other than academic purpose, their registration will be cancelled.

Cases of contagious disease shall immediately be reported to Warden / Dy. Warden / Resident Tutors / hostel information service to take preventive measures.

Residents who would like to stay during winter / summer vacation at hostel for placement and other academic activities should submit vacation stay form (available at hostel office) signed by their HOD. Also resident's parents should send a letter addressed to the warden by post stating that their ward is staying in hostel with their permission.