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The Textile Technology department was started in the year 1965 with B.Tech-Textile Technology (Full Time) and with a matter of great pride is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year. With the profound support and encouragement of the management, it has grown in leaps and bounds achieving major milestones introducing M.Tech-Textile Technology (Full Time & Part Time), Ph.D-Textile Technology (Full Time & Part Time), B.Tech-Textile Technology (Part Time) during the years 1971, 1975 and 1977 respectively. The department is a trendsetter in equipping its laboratories with state-of-the-art machines and stands one among the top in the country. The department is well known for its industry-institute interaction as well as pursuing fundamental and applied research. This is seen from the funding received from various Government agencies like Ministry of Textiles, DST, AICTE, DRDO to name a few. Our students undergo internships and get placed in leading Core and IT companies with a pay package best in the industry front for entry level graduates. The growth of the department owes much to the staunch support of alumni, industry and committed faculty. Our alumni have instituted several scholarships and awards to support the needs of economically backward and meritorious candidates.

Dr.Thilagavathi G. , Professor & Head

The Department of Textile Technology educates undergraduate and graduate students for careers in the fibre, textile, apparel retail and also in interdisciplinary applications industries. The mission of the department is accomplished by offering Bachelor of Textile Technology (full-time & part-time), Master of Textile Technology (full-time & part-time), and Doctoral programme (PhD). The department is one of the oldest departments started in the year 1965. National Board of accreditation of AICTE has accredited B.Tech and M.Tech Textile Technology Programmes for maximum years since 1997, and the latest is 6 years for B.Tech from 2018 to 2024 and M.Tech from 2017 to 2023.

These programs are designed to provide the student with a thorough knowledge in fundamental concepts and the students will have the ability to serve the technology and management by defining and solving the challenging technological and managerial problems. An essential component of the department's activity is the development of new knowledge through research and the subsequent transfer of this knowledge to both the textile industry and society.

All the laboratories in the department are approved for carrying out research leading to Ph.D. Degree/(Full time and Part time) by Anna University Chennai.

The department library has about 527 Indian and International books for reference. So far 74 PhDs have been completed and 14 are in progress in the department. The proximity of a large number of textile industries in and around Coimbatore ensures mutual growth of the department and industry. The department is well known for its extensive extension activities, in several key sectors of Textile Technology including industrial textiles, nonwovens, hosieries, silk and non-traditional areas like jute and coir based products. There are several sponsored projects currently being undertaken in the department and the signature amount achievement is the Centre of Excellence on Industrial and Home Textiles Sponsored by MoT for 30 crores. . The major facilities in the department include Dry Jet Wet Spinning Machine, Nuovo Pignone Flexible Rapier loom with Stauble Electronic Dobby, Grosse Electronic Jacquard Air jet loom, Ruti-C high speeds automatic loom, Braiding machine, Two for one twister, Open end spinning machine, Sulzer Ruti Flexible Rapier Loom, DILO Nonwoven needle punching machine, Resin Transfer moulding machine, Zwick Roell Universal Tensile Tester 10kN and 100kN, Contact Angle Tester, Kawabata Fabric Handle Evaluation system, Air Permeability Tester, Thermal Conductivity Testes, Mini RF dryer, Spectrophotometer with Computer Colour Matching system. There is ten technical staff to ensure proper functioning of the laboratory.


To be a world leader in textile education, research, technology and product development, and providing service to the entire textile value chain.


Through excellence in fundamental and interdisciplinary research and innovative educational practices moulding the textile graduates as "complete professionals", enabling them to face technical and managerial demands of diverse textile industry

  • Dr.T.Ramachandran 2007 - 2010
  • Dr.A.Venkatachalam 1995 - 2007
  • Late Dr.K.Jayachandran 1980 - 1995
  • Prof.R.Rajagopalan 1979 - 1980
  • Prof.R.Govindarajulu 1974 - 1979
  • Late Prof.A.Angamuthu 1972 - 1974
  • Dr.N.P.Wagle 1969 - 1972
  • Late Prof.P.S.Sundararaja 1965 - 1969
  • 2018
    Got NBA -AICTE Accreditation for 6 Years for B.Tech Textile Technology
      • 2017
        Got NBA -AICTE Accreditation for 5 Years for M.Tech Textile Technology
        • 2016
          Focus Incubation Center
          • 2015
            AICTE-CII AWARD for Institute- - Industry Interaction
            • 2014
              Wet Spinning Lab Installed
              • 2013
                Advanced Colouration & Finishing Lab
                • 2011
                  Got NBA - AICTE Accreditation for 5 Years for B.Tech Textile Technology
                  • 2011
                    PSG TECHs COE INDUTECH Started
                    • 2009
                      DST-FIST Product Development Centre
                      • 2008
                        B.Tech -Textile Technology (Increased Intake to 60 seats)
                        • 2006
                          Anti-Microbial Lab Inaugurated
                          • 2005
                            Got NBA-AICTE Accreditation for M.Tech Textile Technology
                            • 2005
                              Got NBA -AICTE Accreditation for 5 years for B.Tech Textile Technology
                              • 2003
                                PSG Lectra Apparel CAD Centre inaugurated
                                • 2001
                                  PSG Premier Textile Test Centre inaugurated
                                  • 1999
                                    B.Sc (Apparel & Fashion Technology) – started
                                    • 1997
                                      Got NBA -AICTE Accreditation for 5 years for B.Tech Textile Technology
                                      • 1995
                                        UNDP Jute diversified production cum training centre started
                                          • 1977
                                            B.Tech (Part Time ) - Textile Technology started
                                            • 1971
                                              M.Tech Textile Technology (Started with an Intake of 10 seats)
                                              • 1965
                                                B.Tech Textile Technology (Started with an Intake of 30 seats)