Springing in 2006, SRiSHTi, hosted by the IEEE Students Chapter 12951, is one of the biggest technical festivals in the country, that has garnered participants from more than 100 colleges spanning the entirety of India. It is a technical symposium comprising several events, a variety of workshops, hackathons, guest lectures, and many more in a multitude of industries.


Atom, an annual event organized by the IEEE Students Chapter 12951, is where five circuit branches of PSG College of Technology coalesce and host a variety of different events, aimed at making participants' skills apparent. Each department takes a day to conduct a small group of events targeted at technology and logical reasoning.


Kriya, hosted by the Student Union at PSG College of Technology, is a technical convention where students from all over come to showcase their prowess and competence in their area of choice. The IEEE Students Chapter 12951 has played a significant role in shaping young minds at Kriya, by organizing events that serve as great platforms to flaunt one's skills.


The Inauguration Function is held every year to mark the beginning of the academic years' activities of IEEE SC 12951 and to induct the office bearers for the academic year. The event is honoured by a chief guest and takes place in a grand manner.


The Valedictory function marks the completion of the activities for the academic year. The prizes and achievers are falicitated during this function. The event is presided by the Principal, branch counsellor and the office bearers along with an eminent chief guest.



SRiSHTi comprises of a number of Technical Workshops on cutting edge-trends and technologies. The workshops include Robot Operating Systems, Data Analytics using and so on which propelled the students to explore in the respective domains. The workshops are novel and are designed such that it is apart from the usual subjects in the curriculum. The workshops are both sponsored and self-supportive, bringing in industrial personnel.

Technical Events

Technical events of SRiSHTi not only represent the zeal of the team, but also bring out the Technical competence, incorporating art and technology in stimulating inquisitiveness among the audience. Events such as Clash of Twins, Coder's Crusade, Infiniwiz, tested the Technical skills in addition to their wit.Also Coding and Circuit events and Logical Reasoning contests comprised fully crafted techno-innovative competitions like Coder's Crusade, etc.

Non-Technical Events

Certain Non-Technical events like Questure, Brainiac, Braun over Brain, Quizzard, and many others were conducted to impart some fun in learning. It also had something to offer to non-techies, with show-stopping events involving fun, flurry, excitement, competing spirit and a lot more. It also helped the students to equip themselves with soft skills as it comprised events such as JAM, Group Discussions, puzzle solving, observance based detection, etc.

Flagship Events

The most anticipated flagship events of SRiSHTi like Explorino, Project Expo and so on, created a great technological impact on participants. Thr project expo saw projects from all over India and the Explorino, garnered great response from the participants. This fest attracted participants from diverse technical and managerial backgrounds.

Paper Presentation

The fest attracted an immense number of participants from diverse domains of Electronics, Communication, Bio-Medical, Robotical backgrounds. It included a widespread range of topics from various disciplinaries, by the names of Si-nnovation, Eco-luomous, X-Pectrum etc, garnering wide attention, serving the thirst for Technical Innovation.


ATOM is an annual intra-college event that is organized by the IEEE Students Chapter of PSG College of Technology. ATOM is conducted every year to test the technical knowledge and logical skills of the students with its brain-racking rounds. It was received well among the students with a turnover of 500 students every year.


TECH TALKS are a new initiative of the Students Chapter focusing primarily of the newest trends and technology in the field of engineering, Renowned people with deep roots in their domains are invited in hosting the sessions. The Webinars are spaced in such a way that they happen every month throughout the Academic Year.


Kriya, the brain child of the Students Union of PSG College of technology is the conglomeration of erudite brains across the country. As a part of Kriya, IEEE Students Chapter organizes various events that challenges young minds.


IEEE SC 12951 has always been an active community in organizing events, we believe that every organization can contribute to its society and here are some of our individual events.