The term 'Industrial Textiles' refers to a subgroup of a wider category of Technical Textiles, referring specifically to those textile products used in the course of manufacturing operations (such as filters, conveyor belts, abrasive substrates) or which are incorporated into other industrial products (such as electrical components, cables, flexible seals, acoustic and thermal insulation of industrial appliances). The rate of growth for Industrial Textile Products are expected to be over 12% per annum, which is quite healthy and presents an opportunity to a new entrant the scope and space to establish himself.




Hometech segment of technical textiles comprises of the textile components used in the domestic environment-interior decoration and furniture, carpeting, protection against the sun, cushion materials, fireproofing, floor and wall coverings, textile reinforced structures / fittings, filter products for vacuum cleaners. They are made of both natural and synthetic fibres. Technical textiles consumption under Hometech is estimated at around Rs 3,200 crore in 2007-08. Fiberfil and pillow and mattress components together constitute over 50% of the technical textile usage under the Hometech segment followed by blinds, Carpet backing and others.