Technical textiles are textile materials and products used for their technical performance and functional properties. Technical textiles are critical for the thrust areas of Government of India in terms of infrastructure development, social responsibility, security of nation and food security. Govt. has taken many initiatives like implementing Scheme for Growth and Development of Technical Textiles (SGDTT), inclusion of major machinery for technical textiles under modified TUFS for 10% capital subsidy etc.


In spite of government taking such initiatives, the technical textiles industry still suffers from a number of problems like lack of basic infrastructure in terms of testing facilities, lack of market development support, skilled manpower, lack of R & D, absence of regulatory measures, absence of specifications and standards for technical textiles etc.


To address the above issues Govt. has launched Technology Mission on Technical Textiles (TMTT) with two mini- missions for a period of five years (from 2010-11 to 2014-15) with a fund outlay of Rs. 200 crore.





Standardization, creating common testing facilities with national / international accreditation, indigenous development of prototypes and resource center with I.T. infrastructure.



Setting up of Centers of Excellence (COEs) to provide infrastructure support at one place for the convenience of manufacturers of technical textiles.


The essential facilities to be created in the Center of Excellence are as follows:

1. Facilities for testing and evaluation of products of identified segments of technical textiles with national / international

accreditation and collaboration with foreign institutes / laboratories

2. Resource Centre with I.T. infrastructure

3. Facilities for indigenous development of prototypes

4. Facilities for training of core personnel and regular training of personnel from the technical textile industry

Knowledge sharing with stakeholders

5. Incubation Center

6. Setting up of standards at par with global level


The overall fund provided for the COE is Rs. 25 crore (Rs. 20 crore for capital equipments for lab, pilot plant, prototype development, ancillary equipment, installation / commissioning, accreditation etc., Rs. 2 crore for development of training facilities / manual etc and Rs. 3 crore recurring expenditure for 3 years for appointment of consultants / scientists / technologists etc.




Support for domestic & export market development of technical textiles



1. Support for business start-up

2. Providing fund support for organizing workshops

3. Social compliance through standardization, regulatory measures

4. Market development Support for marketing support to bulk and institutional buyers etc.

5. Market development Support for export sales

6. Contract Research and Development through IITs/TRAs/Textile Institutes