1. Spin dynamics in variety of magnetic multilayer structures including MTJ, Spin valve, nano wire

      2. Electric and Magnetic nonlinearities in meta materials

      3. Chaos in electronic circuits


Completed Sponsored Research Projects in Nonlinear Dynamics     

      1. Project Title: "Investigation on Interactions of Lower dimensional magnetic systems". Sponsoring Agency: UGC, Period: 2010-2012

     2. Project Title: "Modeling the propagation of laser in a quantum dot array". Sponsoring Agency : AICTE through CAYT Scheme, Period : 2007-2010

             3. Project Title: "Modeling the Phase Transitions in Rare earth Magnetic Quantum Dots". Sponsoring Agency : UGC, Period : 2002-2005

      4. Project Title : "Investigation on the nonlinear dynamics of magnetic skyrmions", DST - SERB , Period: 2017-2020

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