About the Department

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences comprises of dedicated faculty members who are undoubtedly the assets worthy of mention. The Department is known for its discipline and for the importance it gives to the overall development of students in grooming them towards becoming good software professionals, research scientists and data analysts. The Department has its own library with latest books, national and international journals and magazines. The computer centre is well equipped with the most recent hardware and software.

To keep in touch with the ever - growing technology, the faculty members participate regularly in refresher courses and symposia conducted by top notch Universities, Research Institutions and Professional Bodies like Association for Computing Machinery. The department organizes technical symposia at national and international levels at regular intervals. Apart from stressing on consistent and good academic performance, the department encourages participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities to bring out the latent talents in its students. The students are provided with ample opportunities to improve their organizational skills and group dynamics.

About the Programme

BSc Computer Systems and Design (erstwhile Computer Technology) started in the year 1985, equips the students with necessary skills for a successful career in the field of computing as well as to continue further higher studies in computer related disciplines. This programme emphasizes development of programming skills, understanding system design tools and technologies for effective problem solving. The students will have the facilities for getting trained in well-equipped laboratories and on various sophisticated computer systems available in college.


Pass in the Higher Secondary examination of the (10+2) curriculum prescribed by the appropriate authority of the Government of Tamil Nadu or any other exam recognised as equivalent with Mathematics and Physics as the subjects of study.

Based on ranking, as per the aggregate percentage of marks obtained in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of the plus two examinations, the students will be selected for admission and will be intimated through applicants' registered e-mail.

How to Apply

Application can be made only online by entering all the particulars including marks along with on-line payment through the Net banking/Credit card/Debit card. All dates are subject to change based on HSC examination results.

Programme Outline

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P. Lakshmi Narayanan
Principal Member Technical Staff, Oracle India, Bengaluru .
B.Sc. CT (2004-2007)

BSc CT has been a great contributor towards the development of my personality. The Friendly atmosphere, all-time support and motivation of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout the beautiful journey. The course setting is very reasonable and to-date. Overall the programme is a place of learning, fun, culture, lore, literature and many where one learns more than one can expect.

Vishwaraja Pathi
Senior Software Engineer, Roku, USA.
B.Sc. CT (2005-08)

Life at PSG Tech during my BSc CT tenure made my shape in career towards a positive sign. The knowledge gained and the learning atmosphere was awesome. The faculty has always been supportive and inspiring guides, and challenging taskmasters. The peer group was comparatively intellectual and I have friends for life.

Aghilan Thillainathan
App Development Team Lead, Accenture, Bangalore.
B.Sc. CT (2008-11)

B.Sc CT programme at PSG College of Technology nurtured me for what I am today. I would always be grateful to PSG for giving me a multi-dimensional learning by providing the apt mix of academics, project exposure, attitude and leadership. I am very thankful to my teachers for their guidance, support and the immense knowledge that they shared with me over the course of 3 years.

C. Paramesh
Software Engineer, Skava Systems, Coimbatore
B.Sc. CT (2009-12)

I thoroughly enjoyed studying the undergraduate program. The programme gave a strong understanding on the design and functioning of computers, including both software and hardware. Throughout my learning time of the program the department had been a perfect place to make friends and meet some inspiring people.

Lalitha Raja
Software Development Manager,
Amazon, Chennai.
B.Sc. CT (2009-12)

Being graduated from a top-notch college, the department and the faculty members contributed highly in giving quality learning experience. Though we spent only 3 years in B.Sc, the curriculum was good enough to mould us equivalent to Engineering programs and be an IT professional demonstrating the core subjects learnt from PSG Tech.

M. Monisha Devi
System Analyst, Lantrasoft, Coimbatore.
B.Sc. CT (2011-14)

I pursued B.Sc Computer Technology of batch 2011. The knowledge gained at PSG Technology helped me a way long while pursuing my higher studies (M.Sc Computer Science) in National Institute of Technology, Trichy which made me a gold medalist of M.Sc CS. PSG teaching definitely differentiate the PSG students from other college students.