PSG College of Technology Research Wing Welcomes you !.

  • Inculcate the spirit of enquiry among the learners and thereby pave the way for an innovative learning environment at the PSG Institutions through strategic alliances and create facilities in the frontier areas of science and technology for world class research.

  • State-of-art facilities for nanocharacterizations are available. In addition there are laboratories for nanochemistry, nanobiotechnology, fuel cell, electrospinning as well as class 10000 and class 1000 clean rooms. A class 100 room is under preparation.
  • Nano characterization facility.

  • Advanced hightech infrastructure and instruments for research in the field of nanoscience and technology include:
  • 1. High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope

    2. Multimode Scanning Probe Microscope, AFM/STM (NT-MDT)

    3. Bench-top Scanning Probe Microscope, AFM/STM (Nanosurf)

    4. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

    5. Polarizing Microscope

    Nano biotechnology laboratory.

  • The nanobiotechnology laboratory is equipped with facilities like electrophoresis systems, class II biosafety cabinet, high speed refrigerated centrifuge, incubator shaker with refrigeration facility, phase contrast microscope with photographic attachments and gel documentation system. This facility aims to explore biological nano materials and 'green' chemistry methods towards nanoparticle synthesis for specific applications.
  • Nano chemistry laboratory.

  • Nanochemistry laboratory is equipped with all basic facilities for the synthesis of various hybrid nanomaterials for specific applications, adopting chemical methods. Various facilities such as fume hoods, millipore water purification unit, buchi rotary evaporator, electronic balance, hot air oven, homogenizer, ultrasonicator, pH meter, water bath, magnetic stirrers etc. are available in the nanochemistry laboratory.
  • Fuel cell research.

  • Research on air breathing polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) to optimise water and thermal management with electrode fabrication facility.
  • Electrospinning facility .

  • Indigenous electrospinning facility with flat plate and rotary drum collectors which can produce nanofibres from various organic and inorganic materials.