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The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is India's leading recognised professional society devoted to the advancement of Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication & IT. Founded in 1953, IETE is spread all over India and abroad, serving more than 60,000 members through 65 centres. The Institution provides leadership in Scientific and Technical areas which are of paramount importance to national development and economy. The objectives of IETE focus on advancing electrotechnology. IETE conducts and sponsors technical meetings, conferences, symposia, and exhibitions all over India, publishes technical journals and provides continuing education as well as career advancement opportunities to its members.


On 18th September of 2009, seeds were sow to launch Students Chapter of IETE in PSG College of Technology. This institution embodies under graduate engineering students from branches ECE and EEE. This establishment is now extended to all the circuit branches in view of its 10th anniversary next year. Membership is also provided to students belonging to these branches. In order to accomplish its vision of creating a platform among academicians for knowledge sharing, various workshops, conferences and technical events are regularly conducted to enrich the students.


1.The members can subscribe for other publications such as IETE Journal of Research and IETE Technical Review (available online).
2. ISF students are welcome to attend IETE technical programs in India at reduced Registration fees.
3. ISF member will be issued with an Identity Card.

The institutions where Forums are registered shall receive the following benefits:

1. A suitable grant to the IETE forum, commensurate with the membership strength to conduct various activities of the forum.

2. One complete set of technical publications of the IETE including IETE Journal of Research, IETE Technical Review, IETE Journal of Education, IETE Newsletter will be sent to ISF coordinator at the Institution for students in the College Library.
3. Regular interaction with Local Centres to have support from Corporate members.
4. Possibility of Electronics Hobby Centres in Institution with industry support
5. Conduct of Competitions such as Quiz, Technical paper Contest, Essay competition, Technical Visits to industries and conduct of inter-collegiate functions.
6. Consideration of special grant for ISF during annual fests.

PSG College of Technology



The guest lecture on augmented intelligence was presided over by Mr. V Ashwanth, the trainee decision scientist, MU sigma. He gave an outlook of augmented intelligence with relevant illustrations. Participants from various domains felicitated the event with their good interaction.

(24.09.2018- 28.09.2018)

Technotronz- An intra-college competitive event held by IETE SC during the month of September.
This was a technical event which mainly focused on improving the technical skills of the students. Two technical, two non-technical and one fun event were conducted. Many students from various departments made their presence and were benefited.

DAY 1 :

This is the event for the ones who loves mind games. The motive of the event is to bring out the hidden memory power of the contestants. The first round is the simple one with MCQs on general knowledge and aptitude based questions. Then on next round the contestants have to refresh their brain by answering the mind tickling questions. Nearly 70 teams made their presence and get benefited.

DAY 2 :

Coderush is an ultimate coding contest which tests the coding skills of the contestant. The first round comprised of objective questions which tested the students’ knowledge in various concepts of C and programming. The next round is bugs fixing round, where the contestants have to use their programming skills and logical reasoning skills to fix the bugs. Nearly 60 teams from various departments made their presence and explored their coding skills.

DAY 3 :

It was an exclusive event to show off the phonetic and vocabulary skills of contestants in English. It also encouraged the contestants to get out off the stage fear. Many people from various departments showed their skills and get benefited.

DAY 4 :

This event is for the ones who deeply interested in electronics and related concepts. The electronics based MCQs made the contestants to rewind their basics. Finally the qualified contestants entered into the round called JAM which tested the presence of mind of the contestants on the field of electronics.

DAY 5 :

This event was a star event round where the contestants have to complete the tasks given to them. This event made the contestants to think out of the subjects. “Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax”.



(14.02.2019 to 16.02.2018)

Various workshops on innovative topics in the domains of Electronics, IoT, Data Analysis, etc. were conducted by the IETE SC, of PSG College of Technology to improve the technical knowledge of the students.
The national level workshop on Network Simulator 3 was presided over by Dr.Mohit P Tahiliani, Assistant Professor, NITK Surathkal, India. With a number of achievements to his name, he clearly explained the 3rd edition of the Network Simulator software. Almost 60 members including professors, faculties, PhD scholars, research scholars and students were benefitted by this workshop. The first day began with inauguration function with the presence of Dr.S.Subharani, HOD, ECE dept and Dr.R.Venkateswari, the Faculty advisor of IETE Students’ Chapter and Mr.N.Saritakumar, Assistant professor. Three days went on well and certificates were distributed to the participants at the end 3rd day. All the participants gave wonderful feedback about the workshop and the resource person. This workshop was a great success.

KRIYA 2k19:


As a part of KRIYA ’19, the inter college technical symposium, RABG was a bot event (Gold event) that tested the designing skills of the participants. There were 2 rounds which were purely based on timing. With a healthy turnout, the event was a great success as the contestants competed with each other as they made their bots tackle the track with ease.


As a part of KRIYA ’19, the inter college technical symposium, RABG was a bot event (Gold event) that tested the designing skills of the participants. There were 2 rounds which were purely based on timing. With a healthy turnout, the event was a great success as the contestants competed with each other as they made their bots tackle the track with ease.

About Faculty Advisor

Dr.R.Venkateswari, completed her PhD under Anna University in the area of Wireless Body Sensor Networks and working as Associate Professor at PSG College of Technology. She received her Master of Engineering degree in Communication systems from PSG College of Technology, and the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Government College of engineering, Salem. She has around twelve years of professional experience. She was awarded as “Best All Rounder” of the year 2008 which was supported by her academic and extracurricular activities during the PG degree. She has published more than 30 papers in various international / national journals and conferences. She is a Life member of IETE and ISTE. Her research interest includes wireless communication, networking and wireless sensor networks. She is a peer reviewer in journals like IEEE Access, IETE technical Review and Springer. Her expertise lead to funding/consultancy projects from UGC, Enthu and Tino Labs etc. She has organized and attended various workshops and Short-term courses in her area of expertise. Adding to her credentials, she serves as Faculty advisor of IETE Student Forum and Tamil mandram where she actively contributes student’s co-curricular activities.

Dr. R. Venkateswari


Vishnu D

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Adarsh V Srinivasan

Tasneem Banu G
Secretary - Women

Shriram R
Joint Secretary

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Joint Secretary

Leena Sowmiya C
Operational Head

Keerthivasan M
Core Head

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Core Co-Head

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