Tariff for equipment utilization (w.e.f 01 May 2015)

General Instructions :

1. For non-PSG institution users, in addition to the charges listed above, prescribed service tax has to be paid.

2. The charges with the tax applicable should be paid in the form of DD in the name of “PSG CSRC”.

3. The sample data sheet available with the GRD Centre for Materials Research should be filled and the same can be handed over with the D.D.

4. Samples will be analyzed on first-come-first-served basis..

5. Samples that are non-toxic and non-corrosive shall only be entertained.


Amount (Rs.)

PSG users

(For research scholars FT/PT, Project staff)


Non-PSG users

(service tax extra)

1)    High temperature furnace (RT – 1400 °C; Super Kanthal heating  elements)

2)     Annealing furnace (R.T to 1100 °C;     Kanthal wire heating elements)

3)     Furnace for  micro/ nano materials  preparation (R.T to 1300°C; Silicon carbide heating elements)

4)    Controllable atmosphere tubularfurnace (R.T to 1100 °C)

5)   Calcination/ heat treatment furnace  (R.T to 700 °C)

150 per hour

200 per hour

6)   Czochralski Crystal pulling system Translation: 0 to 50 mm/hour Rotation: 0 to 60 rpm

150 per hour

200 per hour

7)   Hot air oven (R.T to 200 °C)

100 per sample/ container

150 per sample/ container

8)   UV Cabinet (Short UV 254 nm & Long UV 365 nm)

150 per sample/ per wavelength

200 per sample/ per wavelength

9)    Hydrothermal unit

150 per hour

200 per hour

10)  pH meter

100 per sample

150 per sample