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About PSG Tech

PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, an institution of academic excellence, was founded in the year 1951 by PSG & Sons' Charities Trust.The emphasis of the Trust is on vocational education & production oriented industrial training. In order to achieve these objectives, the founders wisely decided to locate the college in the same campus as the PSG Industrial Institute, which is a pioneer today in the manufacture of several engineering products, like process and agricultural pumps,industrial motors and high quality speciality castings.

        One unique feature at PSG College of Technology is the close collaboration of educational institution and industry, resulting in the cross fertilization of theory with practice. The undergraduate engineering students are required to spend half a day every week in the PSG Industrial Institute which enables them to study the actual production processes and gives them an opportunity to observe the working of industry. This scheme has been hailed as a unique approach to inculcate industry culture among the students. In addition, a large number of projects, which the students undertake in collaboration with the PSG Industrial Institute and other industries meet the R&D requirements of industry.

       The College has been in the vanguard of innovation in technical education, and over the years has taken giant strides and transformed itself into a prestigious centre for advanced studies in several faculties of Engineering Technology,Applied Sciences, Management Studies and Computer Science and Applications. Recognizing the excellent infrastructure, faculty, progressive outlook, high academic standards and record performance, the University of Madras reposed abundant confidence in the capabilities of the College,and PSG College of Technology was conferred Autonomous status in the year 1978,to update its own programmes and curriculum,to devise and conduct examinations, and to evaluate students'performance based on a system of continuous assessment. The academic programmes are designed and updated by a Board of Studies at the department level and Academic Council at the college level.

       These statutory bodies are constituted as per the guidelines of the All India Council for Technical Education. A separate examination section headed by a Controller of Examinations conducts the examinations. PSG College of Technology an AICTE approved institution is affiliated to Anna University and ISO 9001 certified. Most of our programmes have been accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA). Sedulous progress has been the hallmark of PSG Tech.The growth and development of the college owed much to the untiring efforts of Dr. G.R. Damodaran, Founder Principal of PSG College of Technology. Presently Dr. R. Rudramoorthy is the Principal of the Institution.

About Students Union

       The Students Union, generally abbreviated as the SU, is the official student organization at PSG College of Technology. The SU is the main representative body of the students and helps in the establishment of a healthy relationship between all the student activities and the administration. It also acts as a platform for the students of the college to showcase their talents. The various student chapters and all the 20 clubs and 44 associations in the college work under its triumphant banner. The Students Union has its own unique set of cabinet members who a selected by the college authorities. All the activities performed by the SU are done under the careful guidance of the Dean of Students Affairs and the faculty advisors.


1. Tek Music         Mr S P Suresh Kumar (English)
        Mr A S Prashanth (Mech)
        Ms N Archana (EEE)
2. Tamil Mandram         Dr S Sivakumar(ECE)
        Dr R Venkateswari (ECE)
3. Dramatics Club         Dr S Udhayakumar (Mech)
        Dr M P Bharathi Mohan (Auotmobile)
        Dr Nirmala Varghese (AFD)
4. Fine Arts Club         Dr R Prathiba Devi (AFD)
        Ms K Parisa Begum (AM & CS)
5. CAP & Nature Club         Dr J Hema (Biotech)
        Dr S Jayanthi (Biotech)
        Mr A Mahaboob Subahani (EEE)
        Dr D Maruthamani (Chemistry)
6. English Literary Society         Mr S P Suresh Kumar (English)
        Ms R S Lavanya (English)
7. Youth Red Cross Society         Dr J R Sharmila (Chemistry)
        Dr M Muruganathan (Chemistry)
        Ms M Megala (AM & CS)
8. Martial Arts Club         Dr N Ilayaraja (CA)
        Mr J Narayanasamy (Maths)
9. Rotaract Club         Dr S Poomagal (AM & CS )
        Mr J Niresh (Automobile)
10. Entrepreneurs Club         Dr K Suresh Kumar (Humanities)
        Dr R Ramanchandran (FT)
11. Astronomy Club         Dr S Prasanna (Physics)
        Mr C Sudarsan (Applied Science)
12. Pathshala Club         Dr C K Shashidharan Nair (Applied Science)
        Ms G Priyalakshmi ( AM & CS)
13. Global Leaders Forum         Dr E Nandhakumar (Humanities)
        Ms A Gunasundarai (EEE)
14. Higher Education Forum         Dr C Porkodi (Maths))
        Mr T Venkatachalam (ECE)
15. Animal Welfare Club         Mr N Ganesh Kumar (Automobile)
        Dr R Balasundaraprabhu (Physics)
16. Women Development Cell         Dr G R Karpagam (CSE)
        Dr R Rajasudha (Mathematics)
17. Association of Senior Quizzers         Mr G Sankar (English)
18. Student Research Council         Dr A Soundarrajan (EEE)
        Mr C Shanmugam (Mech)
        Ms B Nishanthi (EEE)
19. Industry (Alumni) Interaction Forum         Dr P Visalakshi (ECE)
        Mr M Sundaram (RAE)
20. Radio Hub         Mr S Sathish (ECE)
        Mr T Thiyagarajan (ECE)
21. Book Readers Club         Mr D Marulidhar (Prod)
        Mrs V M Sangeetha (Humanities)
22. PSG Tech Chronicle Club         Dr K Suresh Kumar (Humanities)
        Ms A Sivaranjani (English)
23. Youth Outreach Club         Ms M Radhiga (Maths)


1. Civil Engineering Association Mr M Manivannan
2. Mechanical Engineering Association Dr M Yuvaraja
3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering Association Mr S Karthikeyan
4. Electronics & Communication Engineering Association Dr P Vishalakshi
5. Metallurgical Engineering Association Mr G Venkatesh
6. Production Engineering Association Dr G Madhan Mohan
7. Computer Science & Engineering Association Dr N Arulanand
8. Textile Technology Engineering Association Dr J C Sakthivel
9. Automobile Engineering Association Dr P K Rajesh
10. Biotechnology Association Mr G Karthik Vijayakumar
11. Information Technology Association Ms E G Radhika
12. Biomedical Engineering Association Mr K Umesh
13. Fashion Technology Association Mr R Surjit
14. Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering Association Mr S Karthick
15. Robotics & Automation Engineering Association Dr M Suresh
16. Management Association Ms D Krishnaveni
17. Applied Science Association Dr S C Murugavel
18. Computer Applications Association Ms N Geetha
19. Computational Sciences Association Dr Suresh Balusamy
20. Ramanujan Association of Mathematics Dr M Balasubramanian
21. Apparel & Fashion Design Association Dr Mariyam Adnan
22. Institution of Engineers (Students Chapter) Mr V Vijayanand
23. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Students Section) Mr K Sadesh
24. Society of Manufacturing Engineers Dr S P Leo Kumar
25. Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (IEEE)(Students Chapters) Dr S Subharani
26. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) (Collegiate Chapter) Dr V M Murugesan
27. The Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers(Stud .Chapter) Dr R Venkateswari
28. ISTE (Students Chapter) Dr P Gopalakrishnan
29. Solar Energy Society of India (Students Chapter) Dr R Velavan
30. International Society of Automation (ISA) (Student Section) Ms R Rajeshwari
31. Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (Students Chapter) Mr A S Prasanth
32. Graduate Students Association Dr AR Lakshmanan
33. ISHRAE (Students Chapter) Dr P Viswanathan
34. IIM – Students Affiliate Chapter Dr J Krishnamoorthy
35. Materials Advantage Society Dr P Gopalakrishnan
36. Sir C.V.Raman Physics Association Dr S Prasanna



Programme Officers         1. Dr C Theivarasu (Chemistry)
        2. Dr C Veeramani (AM & CS)
        3. Dr L Thulasimani (ECE)
        4. Dr R Senthilkumar (English)
        5. Dr T Vasanthi (Maths)



5/4 (TN) BN NCC         Major Dr M.D Kannan (Physics)
5 (N) AIR SQN (Tech) NCC         Mr S Prathees Kumar (Production)-Caretaker
5 (TN) Girls BN NCC         Capt. Lt. Dr M Kalpana (Humanities)
1/2 (TN) CTC NCC Engineers Platoon         Lt. Dr S Babu (Mechanical)



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Managing Trustee
PSG & Sons' Charity


Dr. R. Rudhramoorthy


Dr. K. Natarajan


Dr A Sankar
Associate Dean


Dr G Sundararaj
Associate Dean

Dr D Karthika Renuka
Faculty Advisor


Dr S Sankarakumar
Faculty Advisor

Dr H Rammohan
Faculty Advisor


Dr J Prabhavathi
Faculty Advisor

Dr R Senthilkumar
Faculty Advisor

Tech Music, Dramatics Club, Astronomy Club, Animal Welfare Club, WDC, Martial Arts Club
Associated Clubs


Dr M Senthil Kumar
Faculty Advisor

Dr P Visalakshi
Faculty Advisor

CAP & Nature Club, ELS, Entrepreneurs Club, NSS, Tamil Mandram, Fine Arts Club, YRC, Rotaract Club, Radio Hub


Mr D Muralidhar
Faculty Advisor

Mr T Venkatachalam
Faculty Advisor

Higher Education Forum, Pathshala Club, GLF, SRC, Industry (Alumni)-Interaction Forum, Book Readers Club


Mr R Jawahar

Mr K Prem Nandhakumar
Co- Chairperson

Mr M Santhosh Kumar

Ms K Aishwarya

Ms V Priyanka

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