NAAC 2018 - 2019


1. Curriculum aspects

1.4.1, Structured feedback received from 1) Students, 2) Teachers, 3) Employers, 4) Alumni 5) Parents for design and review of syllabus Semester wise /year-wise

1.4.2 Feedback processes of the institution may be classified as follows:

2. Teaching learning evaluation

2.3.2 Percentage of teachers using ICT for effective teaching with Learning Management Systems (LMS), E-learning resources etc

2.6.3:Average pass percentage of Students

3. Research innovation extension

3.1.1:The institution has a well defined policy for promotion of research and the same is uploaded on the institutional website

3.2.4:Number of research projects per teacher funded, by government and non-government agencies, during the last five year

3.5.1:Institution has a policy on consultancy including revenue sharing between the institution and the individual

4. Infrastructure and learning resources

5. Student support & progression

5.1.3:Number of capability enhancement and development schemes

6. Governance leadership & management

6.2.1:Perspective/Strategic plan and Deployment documents are available in the institution

6.2.2:Organizational structure of the institution including governing body, administrative setup, and functions of various bodies, service rules, procedures, recruitment, promotional policies as well as grievance redressal

6.5.3: Average number of quality initiatives by IQAC for promoting quality culture per year

6.5.4: Quality assurance initiatives of the institution include

7. Institutional values and best practices

7.1.19 Differently abled (Divyangjan) Friendliness Resources available in the institution:

7.1.12:  Code of conduct handbook exists for students, teachers, governing body, administration including Vice Chancellor / Director / Principal /Officials and support staff

7.1.13: Display of core values in the institution and on its website

7.1.15: The institution offers a course on Human Values and professional ethics

7.1.16: The institution functioning is as per professional code of prescribed / suggested by statutory bodies / regulatory authorities for different professions