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About the Journal

National Journal of Technology

The National Journal of Technology (ISSN Code:0973-1334) is a quarterly publication of high quality papers that advance the state-of-the-art and practical applications of various engineering and technology fields.  Both theoretical research contributions and applications are published.  The journal attempts to provide an outstanding medium for academicians, researchers and practitioners of various disciplines of science, engineering and technology for publishing their research work.

To ensure that the published papers are of high standards, each manuscript is subjected to a strict assessment procedure involving peer blind review by two experts from the respective fields before being accepted for publication.

Origin of the Journal :

It  is well known that PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, the flagship institution of the PSG & Son's Charities Trust stemmed from the seeds of vision, faith, and integrity sown by the legendary Sri P.S.Govindasamy Naidu, Since its inception in 1951, the college has endeavored to provide world-class education and professionalism to its students.  As part of its technical activities, an in-house journal "TECHNOLOGY" was started in the year 1973, to publish the outcome of the research activites carried out in our campus.  Thanks to the persistent efforts made by the Institution, this journal has received the ISSN Code (0973-1334) with effect from 2005, and was transformed into a "National Journal of Technology" for the  benefit of academicians, researchers and practitioners from all over the country, to publish their research work.