About Our Story


The objectives of IIPC are

Internship and Counseling Assistance

To assist students at the required stages of their programme for internship.

Deliver career coaching/advising/counseling services in association with industry/alumni mentors, through a range of approaches including group appointments; workshops and other programs, organized by IIPC in association with Placement Office, PSG Tech Alumni Association and PSG STEP.

Connecting and Linking

To connect the students to the internal and external constituents namely Faculty, Alumni, Government agencies and Industry; create awareness on various career paths and enable them to take up internships based on their interests.

Serve as liaison between students, professors who are working on current national relevant issues as well as the industries that are willing to collaborate in addressing these challenges.

Continuous Improvement

To record and disseminate information pertaining to internships including student data, internship process outcomes, industry details and any other relevant information and compile the information into broad or specialized reports.

To facilitate evidence based decision making in guiding continuous improvement efforts towards assisting the students in their internships.

Post appropriate content to disseminate information on major initiatives and research findings happening in the institution, new courses, technology breakthroughs and innovation.