The Conference

The Second International Conference intends to provide a platform for academia and industry worldwide to come together and share the current knowledge and practice innovation in the field of Robotics, Automation and Sensing. The organizing committee of the conference invites papers from researchers and practitioners in the following topics but not limited to it.


Cable Technologies for Industrial Automation
Network-based Systems Automation
Factory and Home Automation
Automated Material Handling
Embedded Mobile Hardware
Industry 4.0
Product Design, Development and Prototyping
Additive Manufacturing
Industrial Automation
Home Automation
Embedded systems


Robotic Welding
Robot Kinematics, Dynamics and Simulation
Robots Self-Localization, Mapping and Navigation
Industrial Robotics
Human-Robot Interaction
Robot Swarms
Field and Service Robots
Biologically-Inspired Robots
Unmanned Aerial Robots
Underwater Robotic systems
AI & Machine Learning in Robotics
Grippers and other End-Effectors


Sensors Signal Processing
Sensors Phenomena and Modelling
Smart Sensors and Sensor Fusion
Vision Sensing
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Cloud Computing
Internet of Things
Deep Learning
Omnidirectional Vision